PB7220-1500-PM Single-Channel System with Phase Control

Bakman Technologies' versatile PB7220-1500-PM Spectroscopy Platform is designed for scanning complex compounds to precise specifications with greater accuracy and control than comparable systems. The PB7220 is ideal for THz researchers and application developers who need to study the properties of materials at THz frequencies with high-resolution but who don't want to design and build their own high-resolution THz spectroscopy system. The PB7220-1500-PM can sweep from 100 GHz up to 1.5 THz with a frequency resolution better than 0.25 GHz and real-time phase adjustment of better than 1 degree.

The PB7220 employs precisely tuned, fiber coupled, butterfly packaged semiconductor DFB lasers, an advanced photo-mixing source and detector, and sophisticated digital control hardware and software to provide a fully turnkey THz spectrometer. The highly efficient CW nature of the photomixing source puts all the THz power at the frequency of interest, yielding excellent dynamic range across the scan range of up to 70 dB Hz. The PM unit includes a custom designed and manufactured optical lithium niobate phase modulator which allows complete control of the instantaneous THz phase.

The fiber-optically-coupled source and detector heads are mounted on a rail system and configured for transmission measurements. They are coupled to the rack mounted control unit with 5 meter optical and electric tethers that allow a great range of flexibility.

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