The Thz Drone Project

In June of 2015 Bakman Technologies and Cheetah Logistics collaborated to fly a slightly modified PB7220-2000-T Frequency Domain THz Spectrometer on an unmodified consumer drone. On its eight minute maiden flight the THz Drone performed spectroscopic scans from 1.0 to 1.5 THz and measured the presence and concentration of atmospheric water vapor 10 meters above the ground.

In order to achieve this, we machined away as much of the chassis as possible to lighten it and then we added an PC-104 running an Intel Atom and a 40 GB Intel SSD with Windows 7 and the spectrometer software. The THz optics were attached to the lid and a frame was made to attach it to the drone. The whole project is outlined on the Hackaday.io.

This fun project was the first step towards realizing a sensor platform capable of performing point detection of pollutants or other gases of atmospheric importance. Because the PB7220 spectrometer requires no consumables it can be operated continuously, autonomously and surreptitiously around the world. It can be used for remote sensing, gas analysis and for pollution compliance monitoring.

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THz Drone Video

THz Takes Flight

This video shows the very first flight of a drone mounted Bakman Technologies PB7220-2000 Frequency Domain THz Spectrometer. It details how it may be used to combat air pollution and global warming.